United in Diversity

United in Diversity is designed to provide original research and thought leadership to support organizations, companies and individuals in creating a culture that harnesses the productivity and revenue benefits of a diverse workforce while avoiding the negative repurcussions which often plague well-meaning diversity programs.

Game Nations, a group of over 50 global events and meetups in partnership with CGA, Casual Connect and Indie Prize was started to encourage international collaboration all around the world. Partner events include well known and respected events reaching over 20,000 professional game developers and those looking to enter.

21st Century Leadership & Power In Diversity Symposium, a full day to explore topics in diversity, leadership, and professional growth in the video game and digital media industries.

United in Action

United in Action is CGA's initiative to foster cooperation between individuals, organizations and companies to unite the industry in a journey of positive change beginning with entry into the games industry.

Best Practices and Policy Guidelines, is an extension of CGA's existing research programs, scheduled for a January 2018 release, is a new initiative from CGA to ensure accurate and complete education and collective bargaining for studio leads, designers, programmers, marketers and executives.

United in Action is a joint partnership between: CGA and Juan Gril.

United in Education

United in Education is CGA's largest initiative comprising a comprehensive set of educational materials for games industry professionals.

Gamesauce, an online educational resource featuring game development postmortems and recorded lectures from games industry leaders. Over 500 exclusive lectures are posted each year free of charge. learn more at gamesauce.org

Casual Connect, a global conference series for games industry professionals which brings candid casual conversations on serious topics. Casual Connect provides archives, event space, funding, and scholarships for CGA initiatives. learn more at casualconnect.org

Indie Prize, from over 1,500 yearly applications judges select 300 teams to showcase their games. Indie Prize is a stimulus package for triple-i independent studios to showcase their commercially viable game products to fellow industry professionals. learn more at indieprize.org

LiveOps Connect by PlayFab, a full day workshop covering analytics, live events, in-game commerce, customer acquisition, A/B testing, the proper role of ads, content management, and much more. learn more at LiveOps Connect

Core Dump by Insomniac Games, a two day in-depth gathering of games industry development professionals featuring candid and casual interviews and panels from the gamedev front lines along with tangible lessons learned and practical solutions for some of today’s toughest challenges. view Core Dump archives


CGA is proud to partner with other organizations to enact positive change